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Water transfer printing TANK 120cm X 200cm working area . COMBO set
Your Price: 2,098.00 Euro
Water transfer printing TANK 120cm X 200cm working area . COMBO set
Catalog Number 120x200
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All tanks from  is made in Combo system ,

TANK and washing device In one.

Dip Area of 120 cm by 200 cm

Total dimension L 228 cm x W 128 cm x H 89 cm

An innovative device for water transfer printing byDesign Plus company.

It’s a combination of a dipping tank used for water transfer printing and a washing device.


What do you get from the combination of a dipping tank and a washing device ?

- considerable energy savings

- considerable water savings

- minimization of space occupied by various equipment

- by using a single water circulation you get two things, first – an object is cleaned at the optimum temperature (too low or too high temperature during cleaning process may damage newly laid hydrographic coat), second – you save money since a separate purchase of a dipping container and a washing device is a double expense



The device uses a common water circulation. A contamination basket and a removable filter pump take care about the water’s purity.

 An additional filtering tank equipped with a drain valve allows for quick cleaning of this part of the tank without the necessity of exchanging the fluid in the entire device.

A control panel equipped with indicators gives a clear view on the enabled functions.

A thermostat with a built-in micro-computer integrated with a digital thermometer watches over optimal water temperature.

A valve system efficiently directs the fluid onto the water level filter or into a cleaning gun which is equipped with several options of water spraying.

The device is made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304/304L   and is equipped with: 

  •  a heater, controlled by a fully automatic electronic thermostat,

  •  a water level filter, powered by a 3 stage pump

  • areplaceable filter which protects the water pump from contamination (extra filter included)

  •  a basket which stops contamination (it can be quickly disassembled for cleaning),

  •  digital thermometer,

  •  laboratory timer,

  •  console control (a panel with full height and angle adjustment),

  •  adjustable compartments,

  • a valve system which supplies the water level filter or cleaning device

  • a shower

  •  4 wheels with a brake,

  •  leveling feet,

  •  hydrographics instruction "step by step"

  1. Material:  stainless steel

  2. Heater Power: from 6 kW (240V option) - 8kW (3-phase option)

  3. Water Pump: 40/80/180

  4. Electric Power: 240 V or 400V 50 Hz

  5. Auto-control under constant temperature.

  6.  Digital Temperature Readout


2 years guarantee

Also available payment method 10% via PayPal or bank transfer and the rest cash on delivery .

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