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Hydrographics TANK 100 X 100 deLUXE Version
Retail Price: 1,920.00 Euro
Your Price: 1,620.00 Euro
You Save: 300.00 Euro
Catalog Number LUX-1000
Availability Available

Hydrographics Tank


deLUXE Version


100x100 Working Area
Total: L-130cm W-106cm H-95cm
Tank is made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304/304L   




ALANDA Engineering DeLuXe Version



An innovative device for water transfer printing


The combination of a tank for hydrographics and a washer gives unusual electricity

and water saving.


The device uses a common water cycle with a contamination basket and replaceable

pump filter.


An additional filter tank equipped with a drain valve enables quick cleaning of that part of

the tank without the need to change liquid in the whole device.


The control panel is equipped with controls giving a clear view of the activated functions.


A thermostat with a built-in micro-computer integrated with a digital thermometer keeps

the water temperature at an optimal level.


The valve system efficiently directs liquid to a water-surface filter or a washing gun

equipped with several water spraying options.





Devices made of stainless  steel, type: 304, thickness of 1.5mm to 3.00mm:



    special V-bending of walls, reinforcing the structure


    protection of the bottom part of the device against stresses


    a water-surface filter with pressure control powered by a 3-step pump,


    a removable basket filter, protecting the water pump from impurities (an option in

    the set)


    contamination-retaining basket (quick disassembly for cleaning)


    intuitive panel control: (panel with full angle and height adjustment)


      easy activation of the device’s functions


      preview of activated functions


      automatic water temperature control


      digital timer


    adjustable partitions of the working section


    supply valves: water-surface filter or washing spray


    washing spray - COMBO set option, washing the object over the tank


    4 wheels for easier movement


    leveling feet (important for water surface leveling)


    water heaters: total heating power from 2kW to 16kW with the following supply

    110V; 220V-240V; 3-phase 380V-415V.

    The heating power can be selected by the


Heater placement options: working section or filter section.

To be selected by the customer.


    2-year warranty,


    process manual







- Carbon filter for water softening and preventing scale build-up.


- Continuous operation filter - you do not need to turn it off during the hydrograph


additional water filter, filtering capacity of up to 4000 l/h, extending water useability

several times to perform the WTP process


- Thermally insulated cover,


    protecting against water heat loss


    protecting water against contamination

  • Gas cylinders for easier opening and closing of the cover





Since its establishment, ALANDA Engineering has been focused on the quality and

durability of the devices.


The tanks is made of at high quality stainles steel sheet metal .


This solution ensures durability and stability of the structure and guarantees many years

of trouble-free operation and safety.

CE - In accordance with the applicable standards in the field of construction and

standards on the safety of electrical equipment.


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